Clean & Honest Heart
Deceptive love is love where there is no honesty in the heart. It creates dependency, and looks more like a deal than a relationship. This kind of love has become like a drug. We dont want love that is going to make us dependent. Love should be such that it makes honesty and truth grow. It is honesty that shows us what love is and real love shows us what honesty is. The way to free ourselves from dependency on false love is to experience the fullness, the sweetness, of love that is true. Replace poison with nectar and it will be easy to recognise the worthlessness of false love. We should not just accept whatever love comes our way - from here, there, everywhere. If somebody wants to give you love, first see what kind of love they are offering. Your intuition should realise very quickly what kind of love it is. To experience true love we should ask: Is my heart clean? Is it honest? Is it open? If it isn't, if my heart is still broken, I will not be able to experience true love.

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